of Bedwetting

Particular Situation?

If you are experiencing a particular situation in regards to bedwetting, contact us to further discuss the issue. It’s free!


Repercussions of Bedwetting

What are the repercussions of bedwetting?

The repercussions of bedwetting can be very serious, depending on the child.

Although bedwetting has no real consequences on the health and physical integrity of your child, it can significantly affect their quality of life as well as their self-esteem.

For example, many children refrain from going to a summer camp or from spending the night at a friend’s house for fear of being laughed at because of their bedwetting problem.

Others prefer not to invite friends over for the night for fear of being discovered.

Many children become embarrassed, confused, ashamed and even moody.  Others will lies to cover up their problem.

Parents may also feel ashamed or frustrated.

In some cases, they become intolerant and decide to punish their child or to forbid them from drinking after dinner.

The extra costs associated with laundry, replacing mattresses and buying diapers can also be a burden for parent.

Waiting  or taking action?

If you think that your child is embarrassed by his or her bedwetting problem, or if you are tired of doing extra laundry or buying night time absorbent underwear, do not hesitate to contact us.

Our treatment offers a safe and fast way to get rid of bedwetting and allows children to feel better about themselves.

Positive changes

Remember that children who stop wetting their bed have a good chance of improving their self-esteem as well as experiencing a very positive change in their behaviour in general.

Sometimes, it is also possible to observe significant improvement in academic performance of children.

In addition to not wetting his or her bed anymore, your child will be able to drink at will without you having to restrict or monitor his or her beverages for fear of bedwetting.

Drop the taboos

Nocturnal enuresis “bedwetting” is still a taboo that is often filled with false beliefs.

People around you will want to give their opinion on the matter and share their recipe for success.

Please be careful! These opinions may intensify the feeling of helplessness you face in your own situation.

Feel free to call us to get real answers to your questions. You could finally get rid of your child’s bedwetting problem.

Particular Situation?

If you are experiencing a particular situation in regards to bedwetting, contact us to further discuss the issue. It’s free!


Quick Questions

Quick Questions

It looks like it isn’t bothering my child.

Although this problem may be bothering you, we encourage you to wait until your child shows some signs that it is bothering him.

The child has to be ready for treatment.

However, if you are washing bed sheets every single day, start talking to your child about the idea of treatment.

If bedwetting becomes a daily source of problem, discussions or disagreement, don’t hesitate to take action and ask for help.

Your efforts will definitely pay off and will allow you and your family to help your child to stop the bedwetting and get rid of this problem.

In such a case, our bedwetting alarm treatment could be a safe and effective solution.

Bedwetting makes my child very sad, even if we don’t put any pressure on him.

Many parents now recognize that putting pressure on their enuretic child does not work.

This will help to reduce the repercussions of bedwetting.

The pressure to stop wetting the bed can also come from outside sources, (daycare, school, playground, etc …).

This pressure is real and can affect your child.

Even if this is not one of the repercussions of bedwetting on family, it is surely one for your child.

So, if you and your child feel comfortable with this situation, you can just wait until your child ask for help.

But, if your child feels this pressure from his friends and peoples around or if your child is sad every morning.

It’s definitely worth helping him to solve this problem.

He can only get happier and more confident.

Many parents like you, have reported to us having seen an improvement in their child’s behavior at home and also at school.

My child wet the bed in spite the fact that he wears night time underwear. How is this possible?

When night time underwear (such as Pull Ups or Goodnit es) is not absorbing all of the urine, this means that your child is probably urinating 3 or 4 times a night.

When parents call us and tell that the underwear overflows, it is often related to an “immature bladder” or “hyperactive” bladder.

If you need to get an accurate diagnosis, please see your family doctor or pediatrician.

In both cases, treatment with the bedwetting alarm (conditioning reflex) may be beneficial.

This treatment strengthens the sphincter (bladder muscle) and helps the child wake up because they feel the need to urinate.

At the end of the treatment, your child will be able to sleep through the night without wetting the bed because his muscle will be stronger than before OR he will wake up by himselves and go to the bathroom.

In both cases, you’re done with bedwetting.

The repercussions of bedwetting are numerous and often insidious and it is not necessary for your child to continue to suffer.

Free your family and your child from the repercussions of bedwetting

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