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Urinary incontinence

– Helps maintain muscle tone of the sphincter (bladder muscle).

– To avoid or delay the wearing of a pair of nightwear.

Dermatitis - Irritated buttocks

– Avoid the discomfort and pain caused by irritation. (Dermatitis)





Urine Detection Device

  • Helps maintain muscle tone of the sphincter.
  • Avoid or delay the need to wear night protection.
  • Improve your comfort for the night. Stay dry.
  • Allows you to wake up in time to go to the bathroom.
  • Cost-effective and ecological, less panties in environment.

Urine-Alert: Be notify at the right time.

Whether temporary (following a surgery) or permanent, wearing protective pants may cause irritation, dermatitis.

Most of the time, these irritations are caused by prolonged contact of urine with skin.

Urine-Alert allows you to be notified in time to avoid problem.

Ideal for :

    • Prevent buttocks irritations due to prolonged contact of the skin with urine.
    • If you are self-sufficient, but need to wear night protection because you do not feel the need to urinate.

Avoid the inconvenience and pain caused by irritations.


How Urine-Alert can help you ?

Urine-Alert will wake you up at the exact moment you begin to urinate.

When you are wake up by the alert, the sphincter (bladder’s muscle) contracts and you stop urinating instantly (but exception).

You can then go to the bathroom to finish.

This contraction helps maintain and sometimes even increase the muscle tone of the sphincter.

No more wet sheets !

No more panties !


  1. At night: Wakes you up from the beginning of the urination, thus avoiding you wetting the bed.
  2. The day: Notifies you in real time so that you can change quickly.
  3. Helps to increase or maintain muscle tone of the sphincter (bladder muscle).
  4. Allows you to delay or even avoid the need of wearing a night protection.
  5. Improves your comfort during the night compared to wearing a protective pant.
How to use Urine-Alert for incontinence ?

The way you use your Urine-Alert device may vary depending on your personal situation and purpose.

Your Enureflex advisor can guide you as needed.


Urine-Alert will wake you up from the beginning of the urination.

  1. Place your device near you on the bedside table.
    2. Choose the sound and volume that’s right for you.
    3. Place the bed shaker under your pillow or under the mattress, depending on your preference

NOTE: To avoid waking your spouse, use the mute mode and place the bed shaker under the pillow.

During the day

If you are autonomous but you no longer feel the urge of urinating.

  1. Place the device in the house on the same floor as you.
    2. Choose the sound and volume that’s right for you.
    3. You can use the mute mode and use the bed shaker only and the lights as a visual alert.
    4. You can use the bed shaker under a cushion where you usually sit and place the device near you.

During the day, when you are at home, your device will be able to notify you from the start of urination so you can get to the bathroom quickly.

IMPORTANT: If you no longer have complete autonomy or if you are bedridden. See the Bedridden People section

How does the device works.

Your Urine-Alert device offers you several adjustment options to suit your needs and preferences.

  • Choice of sounds and soft music.
  • Adjustable volume and silent mode..
  • Bed shaker to place under the mattress or pillow.
  • Security lights.
  • Wireless detection, fast and comfortable.

Step 1: The flannel detection strip is placed in the underwear or night protection and attached to the small wireless transmitter, which easily attaches to the belt.

Step 2: When you start to urinate, the transmitter detects it and transmits the alert to the main unit, which will alert you according to the settings you have chosen. (music, vibration and lights)

More details here 

Cost-Effective and more Eco-friendly

Your Urine-Alert device allows you to make big savings on the purchase of night protection.

In addition, in using Urine-Alert, you will avoid hundreds, or even thousands of diapers will be found in environment.

Support and Monitoring

When you buy or rent a Urine-Alert device, you benefit from:

  • A full month of follow-up with an Enureflex advisor.
  • Support-advice at will.

This follow-up is done in order to allow you an optimal use of your device according to your purpose.

Order Urine-Alert today and get peace of mind.