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Bedridden People


Help for Spouses and Caregivers.

Dermatitis / Irritated Buttocks


Urine-Alert: Acting at the right time

Wearing a protective undewear often causes irritations.    Most of the time, these irritations are caused by prolonged contact of the urine on the skin.

  • Helps prevent and relieve irritation.
  • Know exactly when the protection should be changed.
  • No need to constantly ask or check if the protection is wet.
  • Allows a better management of the panties.

Finally help for spouses, caregivers (family or professional) for better management of  protections.


How Urine-Alert can help you?


– Notify you in real time that the protection underwear of the person you are caring for must to be changed.

– Allows you to intervene quickly to change the protection and prevent dermatitis , irritated buttocks.

– Avoid you to ask, monitor or check if the protection underwear should be changed.

– Helps to prevent pain and irritations.

– Help prevent bed sores by keeping the person dry.

– Improves the comfort of bedridden person.

How to use Urine-Alert to prevent irritations?

First, remember that the device should be used to notify YOU (Caregiver), that the person you care for has just wet his/her protection.

The device should NEVER be used to wake or surprise the bedridden person.

In this mind,

Place the device in the room where you are, in a place where you can see or hear it.

Use the soft sound at minimum volume or any other adjustments that suits you.

You can also mute the volume and use only the lights as an alert.

During the night, you will benefit from using the bed shaker not to wake up other family members, if any.

The use of Urine-Alert on a regular basis improves the comfort of the bedridden person and avoids the irritation and pain caused by the soiled diaper on the skin.


Immediate benefits
  • Help with the management of protective underwear.
  • Notify you in real time when the protection is wet.
  • Allows you to act at the right time.
  • Improves the comfort of the bedridden person.
  • Eliminates the need to constantly check or ask if the protection need to be changed.
  • Helps to prevent or relieve irritated buttocks.
  • Cost-Effective and eco-friendly.  Less protective underwear in environment.
How does the device works.

Your Urine-Alert device offers you several adjustment options to suit your needs and preferences.

  • Choice of sounds and soft music.
  • Adjustable volume and silent mode..
  • Bed shaker to place under the mattress or pillow.
  • Security lights.
  • Wireless detection, fast and comfortable.

Step 1: The flannel detection strip is placed in the underwear and attached to the small wireless transmitter, which easily attaches to the belt.

Step 2: When you start to urinate, the transmitter detects it and transmits the alert to the main unit, which will alert you according to the settings you have chosen. (music, vibration and lights)

More details here

Cost-Effective and more Eco-friendly

By using your Urine-Alert device, you will benefit from better management of protection changes

You will save on the purchase of creams and other products, sold for the treatment of diaper rash.

Since you will make the protection changes at the right time, you will reduce the number of diapers needed.

This will prevent hundreds of diapers from going to trash. It’s a good for environment.

Urine-Alert will save you time and money. 

Support and Monitoring

When you buy or rent a Urine-Alert device, you benefit from:

  • A full month of follow-up with an Enureflex advisor.
  • Support-advice at will.

This follow-up is done in order to allow you an optimal use of your device according to your purpose.

Order your Urine-Alert device today and get free of the burden of incontinence..