You have the choice


Rent or Buy

Which one is the best ?

You should rent if ...

  • You only plan a temporary use of your device.
  • You have no insurance that reimburses you for the expenses and you want to keep the fees as low as possible.
  • You prefer to start by renting your alarm to try it for a while, before making your decision. If all is well, you think to buy it.
  • You do not know anyone who might use your device later.
  • You are sensitive to environment and you prefer that the device can serve its full potential.

You should Buy if ...

  • You plan or you already know that you will need it for a long term.
  • You have a good insurance that reimburses you for expenses.
  • You wantto be refund as soon as possible. You do not want to wait until the end of the rental to get refund from your insurance company.
  • You do not want to stress yourself with the duration, nor with the weekly rental fee.
  • You know someone who can benefit from your device later.


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