Overcome Enuresis

One step at a time.

Overcome Enuresis

One step at a time.

To help you overcome bedwetting, take a look at this short video demonstrating the different steps of our enuresis treatment.

We recommand that you watch the video with your child to gauge their interest and level of motivation.

Urine-Alert Enuresis Alarm Video

This enuresis video is the exclusive property of Enureflex Clinic. It demonstrates the different stages of bedwetting and daytime enuresis treatments.

No part of this video may be reproduced, duplicated or copied in any way without the express consent of Enureflex Clinic.

The purpose of this video is to allow the parents of a child suffering from daytime or nighttime enuresis, primary or secondary enuresis, to watch the steps involved in the bedwetting alarm treatment to see how motivated they are to do this type of treatment.

Treatment using the Urine-Alert device (bedwetting alarm) is extremely effective and even more so if the child is motivated and ready to put in the effort.

The child’s active involvement is a determining factor in the length of the treatment.

Generally, the more willingly and actively involved the child is, the shorter the treatment will be.

So we recommend that all parents take the time to watch this video with their child to ensure that they’re prepared to be involved for the duration of the treatment.

Don’t try to convince your child to put in the effort by listing the benefits or by offering them rewards for success, or even by telling them that this will allow them to have sleepovers.

The best thing to do is to observe their reaction and to ask them questions on their understanding of the video and of the treatment.

Remember that as parents you have to be ready to put in as much effort as your child because you’ll have to supervise and ensure that they go to the washroom when the alarm wakes them up at night, even if your child is older, or has even reached their teenage years.

It’s possible that they’ll have trouble completely waking up in the initial stages of the treatment.

Your Enureflex advisor will walk you through these different steps when needed.

This video “Overcome Enuresis” is the exclusive property for Enureflex Clinic