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Bedwetting / Enuresis

  • Treatment of enuresis (bedwetting)
  • Night / Daytime / Nap
  • Children and Teenagers  (4 years +)


  • Adults and Seniors
  • Avoids the need for nighttime diapers
  • Can help maintain sphincter tone

For Family Caregivers and Senior Residences.

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help you?

Children and Teenagers
(4 years +)

Bedwetting / Enuresis

  • Your child wets his bed only at night, the day is fine. (Nocturnal enuresis)
  • Your child wets his clothes during the day and his bed every night. (nocturnal enuresis and daytime)
  • Your child wets his clothes during the day only at school . (diuretic enuresis)
Adults and Elders

Incontinence (adults)

  • You suffer from incontinence and you would like to improve or at least maintain the tone of your bladder’s muscle .
  • You suffer from incontinence after a surgery and you have to change the panties as soon as it is wet.
  • You hate having to wear a night panties or a night panties causes you irritations.
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The manufacturer of enuresis alarms (bedwetting alarms)  #1 in Canada.

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The world is evolving !

Our devices are too.

As a proud Canadian manufacturer, we are constantly seeking new technologies and unique features for our devices to enhance their usability and efficiency.

Our aim is to make the device user-friendly and beneficial not only for the child using it but also for the parents and other family members.

No more scary alarms.

Couple effrayé par l'alarme de leur réveil matin

The depth of sleep varies from one child to another. That’s why Urine-Alert offers you a range of diverse sounds and music to help you adapt to your child’s sleep and wake them up without scaring them.

Moreover, thanks to our mattress vibrator, most of our children under treatment wake up with this gentle and non-aggressive alert.

And parents love it!

Listen here. You will be surprised !

Couple effrayé par l'alarme de leur réveil matin
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Support and assistance throughout the treatment.

Enureflex Support au traitement de l'énurésie

You will be accompanied throughout the entire duration of the treatment, and you can communicate with one of our advisors at any time.

Many clients report that the follow-up and advisory support have been crucial in achieving their goals.

The mere fact of being able to discuss with an advisor and feel supported has been of great help to them, according to several testimonies.


My son is 5.5 years old and had in the past some more successful periods of staying dry throughout the night but also many none successful periods. Him still needing a diaper during the night had always been an open topic for us, so he knew that the ultimate goal is to get rid of the diaper and either stay dry throughout the night or to get up and use the bathroom. He really, really wanted to get out of the diapers and after informing myself about various options, trying out the low-cost solutions aka cheap books, we decided to go with an night alarm solution. I selected the design together with my son and we prepared him that the device will help him stay dry throughout the night and he was getting very excited. We received it mid-December, he helped unpacking the device, he tried it out, we installed it at his bed, tried the alarm and the vibrator, practiced turning off the alarm and all was good.
the first night, his entire bladder emptied, we had a big cry as he could not turn off the alarm and I was a bit worried that this might be the end of it – that he would refuse wearing the alarm. But luckily the opposite happened – he was more determined to master the alarm. Since the first major pee accident, we never again had the situation that he completely emptied his bladder. And during the first week, we had already 2 dry nights. Second week, we had 4 dry nights, third week 5 dry nights and since then, he never peed in his bed again. We returned the device after a total of 5 weeks. TOTAL SUCCESS!

Mr Marion

Real game changer for my daughter. Worked wonders!!! She now has the confidence to go do a sleepover at friends. I recommend this 100%.


My husband and I are so thrilled how well this worked for our 7 year old son!
We will be starting it with our daughter very shortly!!

Thank you so much again!


We are so pleased and grateful for the results of the service and support we received as we used this alarm. We have tried many different treatments and alarms over the years and we were very skeptical at first that this would work. On the advice of our Dr., we were encouraged to give it a try. My daughter started experiencing dry nights within the first week of use and after 8 weeks, she successfully stopped bed wetting. It has definitely been a long road but now my 11 year old daughter is able to wake up in the night if needed and stay dry! Thank you so much again for all your help and support!