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Enureflex Bedwetting Alarms.  The best way to Stop Enuresis !

The Night Guard Bedwetting Alarms is  covered by most of insurance companies

Understand Enuresis - Bedwetting

Understand Enuresis

You want to better understand enuresis. Target the type of bedwetting that your child is struggling with. Choose the best solution for your child.

Understand Enuresis
Best solution to Bed Wetting

Bedwetting Solutions

You understand your child’s bedwetting issue.  You are looking for an efficient solution that would be beneficial for your child and the whole family.

Bedwetting Solutions
Night Guard System - Bedwetting Alarm


Treatment with the Night Guard “Bedwetting Alarm” is the most efficient way to stop bedwetting.  Let’s you and your child have a look at the different step.

This system really works!!! My 6 1/2 year old daughter starting using the alarm July 9th and we removed it August 20th after 14 consecutive dry nights! I was hesitant at first because I read a lot of things about the best approach to bedwetting and we weren’t sure whether we should just let her grow out of it or take action. But, the bedwetting was begginning to affect her self-confidence and so we decided that we needed to try this out. It is a big commitment and you have to be prepared to get up during the night, but the system works and you see progress very quickly. The look of pride on my daughter’s face as she progressed through this system was worth every night of interrupted sleep! She was beaming when we told her that she was finished using the alarm!!!

I also can’t say enought about the support we received from Lucy! Whether I spoke to her on the phone or communicated with her via email, she was always quick to respond and her instructions/advice were very clear and precise. Un gros merci Lucy!

Don’t hesitate any longer. Get this alarm system…your child will thank you!!!

We are very pleased with the results and are impressed because we feared a relapse of our 5 year old kid because in the past it had been the case with another method.

We obtained results very quickly but we kept Enureflex equipment several additional weeks tucked away in the closet because of the risk of relapse than we feared . However, there was no relapse despite the holiday season where we know that the children go to bed later and are more tired and sleep elsewhere so we are extremely pleased overall.

In addition, the service we received is very professional and quick, it feels like consultants are really listening to our questions and are finding personalized solutions that worked.

I am convinced that our consultant Mr Morin has extensive experience in the field and he really knows what he’s talking about, this is very reassuring. I would not hesitate to recommend this system, this is a beautiful gift to give to a family.

It is a rewarding and atraumatic method that has proven results if one relies on the success rate. A big thank you to the Enureflex team , no more diapers and discomfort that comes with it! We are very proud of our boy and the most important is that he is proud of him too!


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