Daytime Wetting
“Diurnal Enuresis”

Why it is so frustrating?

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Daytime Wetting “Diurnal Enuresis”

Why it is so frustrating?

For the majority of parents, “Bedwetting” is a problem that is much easier to understand than Daytime Wetting, because the child who suffers with this problem isn’t conscious when it happens.

He is sleeping.  So, the child isn’t bedwetting due to laziness, revenge or malice.

But perception is different regarding daytime wetting (diurnal enuresis).

This happens when the child is awake and pees in his pants at school or when he is playing and doesn’t want to stop to go to the bathroom.

Daytime Wetting: Misperception?

When it comes to diurnal enuresis, parents are often much less tolerant.  They often believe that the child deliberately causes these accidents or it is due to sheer laziness.

In fact, most of the time, parents try to associate this issue with a behavior problem.

From our experience, be advised that that most often this is not the case. Please do not jump to conclusions right away and believe that your child has peed in his pants intentionally to get your attention. It is possible but not frequent.

Think of it like this. Your child is not different from you.

Did you ever have to do something and suddenly you start to feel the need to urinate?

You feel it but you want to finish what you’re doing at the moment. Then you think: “I’ll finish this and I’ll go after.”

What’s happens if you wait before going?

Your sphincter (bladder muscle) is tightening more and more and you will start feeling pain in your bladder.

You lose your concentration gradually until you have no other choice. You have to go.

You can’t escape this, because your sphincter is strong enough to refrain and cause a lot of pain to your bladder, enough to get you to stop what you’re doing to go urinate.

Your child is not different from you or from us. He feels and reacts the same way in this situation.

So why is my child wetting his pants?

The difference is the sphincter (bladder muscle). Your child’s sphincter is probably immature. He feels the urge, but he thinks he can wait and delay a bit, just like you do.

The problem is that the bladder muscle is too weak, and it will loosen instead of tighten more. It is not strong enough yet.

The result is “Daytime wetting”. He is surprised and pees in his pants.

Yet, he believed he had enough time to complete what he was doing.

But NO, the sphincter is too weak.

So waht is the Solution to Daytime Wetting?

The solution is to strengthen his sphincter so that it can refrain and tighten. Then the bladder message will be more powerful and disturbing. Your child will be forced to go to the bathroom.

Treating your child with a bedwetting alarm is the best and the only way to strengthen the sphincter.

Medication, homeopathy acupuncture hypnosis and other therapies cannot strengthen muscles and stop daytime wetting (diurnal enuresis).

What about school ?

At school, the child who pees in his pants during classes is often rejected by the others students.

And sometimes, even by the teacher who forbids him to go to the bathroom during class because she believes this is an excuse to waste time.

How to end this type of enuresis?

Usually, the child who’s suffering of daytime wetting (diurnal enuresis) is also suffering of nocturnal enuresis.

Treatment against enuresis with bedwetting alarm appears as a winning solution for everyone.

Especially for the child, because once the muscle is well trained, the strengthening of the sphincter (bladder muscle) will be beneficial for both day and night issues.

Unless there is a particular problem or an exceptional situation, in all cases, the strengthening of the sphincter that is performed during processing, will stop both bedwetting and daytime wetting.

Finally once this situation is under control, it is not uncommon to see an improvement in the child’s behavior at home and also at school.

Quick Questions

Quick Questions

At school, should we let my child go to the restroom?
Absolutely !

Daytime wetting is a real problem.

You should do everything possible to ensure your child can go to the bathroom so that he doesn’t wet himself in class and so that he isn’t ridiculed by his or her classmates.

Your child’s well-being is much more important than the few minutes of class that he or she will miss when going to the bathroom.

Speak with your child’s teacher and ask for special permission to allow your child go to the restroom when needed.

If the teacher has some doubts about your child’s intention. Suggest that your child can be accompanied by another student.

The most important thing is that your child be allowed to leave the class, whenever he needs to go to the restroom.

I think he doesn’t want to stop playing.

Do you sometimes need to urinate while you are busy doing something else like playing cards or doing any another activity?

What do you usually do when this happens? You probably think: “ I will finish my game and then go to the restroom after.

Your child is not different from you. His bladder is immature. This gives him the perception that he can wait a bit longer.

For you, it’s different. If you wait too long, your sphincter will contract until you can’t concentrate on anything else than your urge to urinate. Then, you have no choice, you leave your activity to go and urinate.

That’s exactly what will happen with your child after the treatment with the bedwetting alarm.

The sphincter will become stronger and your child will be able to refrain from wetting himself.

The sphincter will increase the pressure and pain inside the bladder and send a stronger signal to your kid.  So, he will be disturbed and want to go to the restroom.

It's frustrating, I feel like he is doing it intentionally.
Before you jump to conclusions, please consider this:

Because enuresis is inherited many parents who contact us have themselves experienced the same problem when they were young.

Then we ask them to remember if they did it intentionally when they were young?

The answer is always “NO”. So why should it be different for your child?

It is much more likely that your child simply has an immature bladder. However, we easily imagine that this is just laziness.

You can help your child. Investing in an enuresis treatment with an alarm will be positive for all your family.

It will strengthen your child’s sphincter (bladder muscle) and will avoid a lot of inconveniences for the family.

When he pees in his pants, I leave him in it, so he can feel uncomfortable.

Do you really think that your child will tell himself: “Next time, I will go to the restroom because I’m not comfortable in my wet pants?”

Most of the time an immature bladder is the real cause of the problem and the only way to address this is to strengthen the bladder muscle called the sphincter.

Overcome Daytime Wetting

You can take action today and get rid of this issue.

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