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You are not alone !

We accompany you throughout the treatment.

Bedwetting Alarm | Enuresis Treatment

Discover Urine-Alert

  • Choice of Sounds and music
  • Adjustable sound level
  • Vibration under the mattress or pillow
  • Security lights
  • Wireless detection and very comfortable for your child
  • Exclusive monitoring function
  • Test button
  • Simulation before bedtime

You are not alone !

We accompany you throughout the treatment.

One System : Double Effects

Conditions the awakening based on the need of the bladder

When the child is awaked by the alarm, the bladder contracts and it instantly stops the child from wetting the bed.

This contraction will gradually condition your child to feel the urge of urinating, to recognize the bladder signal and to wake up by himself when needed.

Eventually, as the treatment progresses, the sphincter will become stronger and the message from his bladder will also be more powerful.

Gradually, his subconscious will learn to recognize this message and soon, he will wake up by himself without the need of help to go to the bathroom.

Reinforces the sphincter (bladder muscle)

This same contraction reinforces the sphincter, bladder muscle.

This muscle is often lower than it should with children that are having enuresis problems. This sometimes explains accidents that occur during the day called diurnal enuresis.

Urine-Alert will reinforce the sphincter and after some time, you will notice better retention during the night and also during the day.

The Receiver: Main Unit

The Receiver
Main Unit

1. Volume Level
2. Choice of sounds and musics
3. Stop button
4. Vibration setting
5. Test and simulation button
6. Security lights (3 Leds)

Perfectly adapted sounds

A choice of 11 different sounds specially selected to fit the needs of each child treated.

You can start the treatment gently with a soft music, or in progression to more aggressive sounds which combined with vibration will wake the hardest sleepers.

If necessary, your Enureflex advisor will guide you on how to proceed.


Don’t worry!

Combined with the vibration and supported by our advice, you will find the combination and adjustment to wake your child.

Urine-Alert is designed for that.

Moreover, it is important to know that when your child starts urinating, he is in a “Half-asleep” phase and not in a very deep stage.  Facilitating the wake up with the alarm.

Therefore, even if your child sleeps very deeply, we recommend that you start softly and increase as needed.


If you are afraid to scare your child, start with the softest sound and lowest volume level.

If your child does not wake up, you just have to turn up the volume and change the sound until you find the one that works best for your child.

NOTE: Combined with the vibration, the softest sound is enough to wake most children treated.

Test and Simulation !

This small button (Star or Check) is extremely useful, especially in early treatment.

It will allow you to make a practice bedwetting that can reassure your child on the right course of action to take during this alert.

How?     Just before bedtime.

  1. Before going to the bathroom to brush his teeth and pee.
  2. First pass in front of your child’s room and ask him to lie and pretend to sleep.
  3. Press the Star button to trigger the alert.
  4. Tell him that he must wake up, shut his alarm and go to the bathroom.
  5. Then go to the bathroom to finish the bedtime routine.

Practice this routine for a few days with your child. It is extremely gratifying and reassuring to him.

Moreover, he will assimilate more quickly the routine that he must execute, which will facilitate the development of the conditioned reflex.

PLUS + A unique fonction exclusive to Urine-Alert

The Monitoring Function

It sometimes occurs that a child who wakes up to the sound of the alarm, closes the alarm and falls back asleep without going to the toilet.

With this helpful feature, you’ll be able to know for sure if your child went back to bed without going to the toilet.

You will therefore be able to react in the right way to quickly correct this situation.

Your Enureflex advisor can also help you and guide you in finding the best solution for your child to correctly perform his routine.

Wireless Detection

The Wireless Transmitter

The small wireless transmitter is also very comfortable with its rounded shapes.

It easily installs on the child’s panties and can even, if desired at the begining of the treatement, be installed directly onto the Pull Ups, Goodnites or other training pants.

The flannel detection Band

The wireless detection is fast and super comfortable for your child.

Bands are in washable and durable flannel.

Stay right in place !

Fast and easy maintenance

The detection strips are machine washable, same for the dryer.

However if you do not have to do laundry, you can simply wash them in the sink, wring them out let them dry during the day.

Vibration device: More effective wake up

Help during wake up that makes all the difference! 

Do not underestimate the effectiveness of Urine-Alert bed shaker !

Place it directly under the mattress.  You can also place it under the pillow but it will be most effective under the mattress.

The vibrator can be used alone without the alarm (does not wake the entire family) or in combination with the alarm for more efficient awakening.

By itself, the vibrator can be enough to wake most children, but it is best when used with the alarm to also call the parents.

FREE your family from the burden of Enuresis.

Take action today and get rid of this problem for you and your child.