Urine-Alert for diaper rash

Diaper Rash

for Babies and Young children



Urine-Alert helps you prevent irritation

Your little angel is home, finally, safe and sound.

However one of the hardest tasks in motherhood is the fact that you can’t protect your child from getting his most vulnerable part irritated, despite all the caring and attention.

  • No more irritation and sleepless nights, enjoy peaceful motherhood.
  • Knows exactly the perfect timing to change the diapers.
  • Prevents buttocks irritation.
  • Forget about checking the diapers every now and then.

Urine-Alert helps you relieve your child

and enjoy his smiles.

Diaper Rash  –  Irritated Buttocks


Urinary detection Alert

  • Know exactly when the baby diaper needs to be changed.
  • Helps to prevent and relieve Buttocks irritation.
  • No need to constantly check if the diaper is wet.
  • Allows better management of diapers changes.

NOTE: The Urine-Alert device should only be used to notify parents that the baby’s diaper needs to be changed, not to awake or surprise him.  See usage mode below.


How Urine-Alert can help you ?

Did you know ?

Your child may urinate very often, and at some point, you may even change him but a few minutes later he wet his diapers without you noticing.

Which leads his vulnerable skin in contact with the urine a long period of time and that automatically causes diaper rash.

And that’s where Urine-Alert comes to your rescue.

Urine-alert will notify you, exactly when to change your baby’s dirty diaper. The proper use of it will reduce the pain and facilitates the healing of his skin.

In some cases, your child will already have redness in the buttocks caused by fever, toothache, etc.

But you will still improve your child’s comfort greatly and noticeably.

How to use Urine-Alert with your baby?

The use of Urine-Alert for your baby is extremely simple.

The device was created to alert you, the parent, about the state of the diaper.

It was not assembled to startle, surprise or wake up your child.

During the day

With this in mind, place the device in the room where you are, or as far as possible from your baby.

If your baby is in the same room as you, use the soft sound at the lower volume.

You can also mute the volume and use only the lights as an alarm.

During the night

It is advisable to use it at night, especially if your child has sensitive skin or is already irritated.

At night, the device must be installed in the parents’ room to alert them when the diaper is wet so that it can be changed.

Use the vibration to wake up only one of the parents.

Do not put the alarm in the baby’s room. Keep it with you in your room.

Remember that the Urine-Alert device should not be used to wake or surprise your child.

How does the device works.

Your Urine-Alert device offers you several adjustment options to suit your needs and preferences.

  • Choice of sounds and soft music.
  • Adjustable volume and silent mode..
  • Vibration to place under the mattress or pillow.
  • Accompanying lights and security.
  • Wireless detection, fast and comfortable.

Step 1:  The flannel detection strip is placed in the child’s diaper like of a sanitary napkin and attached to the small wireless transmitter, which easily attaches to the diaper’s belt.

Step 2:  When the child begins to urinate and the transmitter detects it. It will transmits the alert to the main unit, which will notify you according to the settings you have chosen. (music, vibration and lights)

More details here

Cost-Effective and more Eco-friendly

The fact that the device helps with the management of changing the diapers, it automatically reduces the number of diapers you use.

Reduced amount leads to saving money and the environment.

Per year 2.4 billion diapers inter the landfills of Canada. And by managing the use of them we can lower that number.

In many ways, getting your own urine alert is a big help.

Support and Monitoring

When you buy or rent a Urine-Alert device, you benefit from:

  • A full month of follow-up with an Enureflex advisor.
  • Support-advice at will.

This follow-up is done in order to allow you an optimal use of your device according to your purpose.