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Bedwetting solutions !

The real solution to bed-wetting, which is also the most natural and sustainable, is to strengthen the sphincter enough for your child to hold it in longer.

Plus, once the sphincter will be stronger, it will send a more powerful message to the subconscious.

The enuretic child must be equally conditioned to recognize this message and wake up at the right time.

But how?

You have probably tried to wake up your child at different times during the night.

Now imagine that instead of waking them at random times, you spend all night next to them, with your hand under the sheet.

Your goal is to detect the precise moment when they begin to wet the bed and at that moment, you wake them up.

What will happen?

The act of waking them up at this precise moment, that is, while they are wetting the bed, will cause an instant contraction of the bladder (sphincter). 

This sponteneous contraction will cause the child to immediately cease urinating.

The simple fact of being disturbed during sleep is enough to cause this contraction, even if they aren’t fully awake.

It is precisely this contraction we need to condition their subconscious and strengthen the muscle.

Two-fold effects…

This sphincter contraction which was induced will have a double effect.

1.  Reflex Conditioning

Their subconscious will form a link between the message sent by the bladder and the fact of being woken up. 

Generally, a few weeks are enough for a child to learn to recognize the need and to wake up on their own when and as necessary.

2. The strengthening of the sphincter (bladder muscle)

Gradually, each contraction will strengthen this muscle, resulting in the child being able to send his subconscious a stronger message to wake him up/ or until he can hold it in all night without having to get up.

Why use a bed-wetting alarm?

Because, in reality, you cannot spend every night at your child’s bedside. 

This is why the use of an alarm is your best choice in the treatment of nocturnal enuresis.

The alarm monitors when your child begins to urinate and wakes them up for you.

A small disturbance is enough to provoke the desired contraction.

At this point, the child needs not be completely awake for the contraction to take place.

Currently, the most important thing is that there is a contraction of the sphincter.  The rest and the results will follow.

This is undoubtedly your best solution for bed-wetting.

Let them drink at will

For the duration of the treatment, it is recommended that you allow your child to drink at will.

This will stimulate the bladder and cause the maximum possible contractions which will in turn accelerate muscle strengthening.

Moreover, if they drink at will throughout treatment, once they stop wetting the bed you will no longer need to restrict consumption or monitor that they don’t drink too much.

Quick Questions

Quick Questions

Is it possible to treat enuresis with Kegel exercises?

Unfortunately Kegel exercises are not a real solution to bedwetting.

Saying that, they can be complimentary.

When the alarm wakes the child, the sphincter is open and the contraction caused by totally spontaneous, resulting in a much more powerful strengthening of the muscle when compared to Kegel exercises which are practiced during the day and in a conscious state.

Moreover, because Kegel exercises are practiced in a conscious state, there is no link created with the child’s subconscious allowing them to recognize the desire.

To sum up, we cannot expect great results against enuresis with Kegel exercise alone.

Kegel exercise on Wikipedia

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Are there other methods or solutions to treat nocturnal bedwetting?

Yes, many methods exist to treat enuresis. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages.

However, in our opinion, the enuresis alarm remains the surest and most effective solution to bedwetting because in addition to conditioning your child to wake up, it also naturally strengthens the sphincter.

It’s only disadvantage is that it requires an effort on the part of the child and the involvement of the parents.

However, if you are willing commit, the enuresis alarm is the first bedwetting solution you should try.

Medication (desmopressin) can get good results.

It has of course the advantage of being easier to manage, but also the disadvantage of having to limit the child’s fluid intake, more frequent relapses and also the possibility of side effects.

Consult your doctor for more details.

Previously, this method was used only on special outings, for example, when sleeping outside or camping.

There is also homeopathy, acupuncture, chiropractic, hypnotism and many others.

At the end of the day some people will prefer medication and others the natural method, it’s really a matter of personal choice.

Note however, that the alarm is a method specifically developed for the treatment of enuresis and is considered by many physicians and other health professionals, including the Canadian Paediatric Society, as first-line treatment, before all other methods.

Desmopressin on Wikipedia

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Is it true that certain alarms use little electric shocks to wake the child up?

NO! Absolutely not!

At least, We have never seen one, and if this does exist it would certainly be banned in Canada.

This is part of all those false beliefs that revolve around enuresis.

So, have no fear! Our enuresis alarms are 100% safe and to wake the children we use light, sound, and vibration, and that’s it.

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