Can bedwetting really affect the school behavior of my child?

Not in every enuresis case, but certainly YES, bedwetting can really affect the school behavior of a child. And more in the case of diurnal enuresis.

It’s very common to see major changes in behaviour at school when a child stops wetting the bed. And it’s always for the better.

A child that stops wetting the bed suddenly feels liberated.

They suddenly feel self-confident because they’re now like all the other children at their school and no one can laugh at them or put them down because they wet the bed.

The change is sometimes so significant that the mother of a child we helped once told us that the child’s teacher called the house to understand why he had changed so drastically. But in a very positive way.

Agitated and often gloomy, he became much more cheerful, concentrated and much more sociable with the other kids in his class.

What brought on such a radical change?

His school behaviour changed simply because he stopped wetting the bed. He no longer had to hide and his shame had disappeared.

It may seem insignificant to some of you, but for him it was huge.

It had an impact on his self-esteem and changed they way he saw himself, because he saw his bedwetting problem as a handicap. He was different from the other kids.

Just as his perception of himself was so negative before the treatment, the change was equally important after he stopped wetting the bed.

Of course, the change isn’t always so obvious, but it’s very common to see that a child is happier and more cheerful in the morning, simply because they haven’t wet the bed.

We can definitely surmise that the more the child is affected by the enuresis, the more the positive effects will be felt following the treatment.


To conclude, don’t hesitate to check how much enuresis is affecting your child. If they are being negatively impacted, it’s worth going through the effort to rid them of enuresis.

If enuresis is affecting their school behaviour, then enuresis is definitely hindering their learning and development and that goes well beyond just wetting the bed.

This article “Is bedwetting can really affect the school behavior of my child?” has been written and published by Enureflex Clinic.