Young Children

(18 months – 3 years)



Is your child is ready to start toilet-training ?

This period of training is often feared by parents who do not know how to do it.

Many will lose patience on occasion, believing that the child is showing bad will.

Discover how Urine-Alert can make it so easier for you and your child.


Young Children  (18 months – 3 years)


Urinary detection alarm

  • Facilitates and improves interaction with your child.
  • Allows parents to react better and at the right time
  • Eliminates the need to constantly ask the child if he feel the need to pee.
  • Know exactly when to intervene with your child.

NOTE: As part of the toilet training use, the Urine-Alert device should only be used to notify parents to allow for better interaction with the child, not to wake up or surprise the child.


Toilet-Training Reinvented

Today, technologies are developing at an incredible speed and these changes lead us to review our ideas and methods in many ways.

Urine-Alert adapts to today’s life

Previously, urinary detection alarms were used only for the treatment of enuresis (bedwetting).

However, the development of new devices like “Urine-Alert”, now allow to adapt to other situations, often experienced at different stages of life.

Everything is in the way of using it

When used correctly, Urine-Alert will be of great help to you during your child’s training and learning cleanliness period.

How Urine-Alert can help you?

URINE-ALERT  detects and warn you in real time as soon as your child begins to urinate.

Being informed quickly, you can intervene immediately with your child and calmly discuss with him what he should have done.

More effective intervention

The intervention will have a much more beneficial and effective effect because it is immediate rather than long after the pee is finished.

It will be much easier for your child to make the link between your intervention and having wet his diaper.

He will almost believe you are a diviner.  🙂

At what age can we start Toilet-Training ?

Usually, we can start toilet-training towards 2 years or a bit before according to the situation.

As a first step, your child must be ready and motivate enough for this step.

The purpose of Urine-Alert is to facilitate the learning process and not to pre-empt it.

Bedwetting or Wetting during nap

If your child wet the bed during the night or napse, we recommend waiting until the age of 4 years.

At this age, if he still wet during the night, then you can use your Urine-Alert device to help him.

See how to use it for bedwetting.

How to use Urine-Alert for Toilet-Training ?

Toilet-training is done during the day only.

At this stage, it is not useful to use the device during the night.

Remember that your device should be used to notify YOU (parents) that your child is urinating now in order to be able to intervene more quickly and calmly discuss with him.

Do not use it to wake up or surprise your child, it is not the goal.

1. Place the unit in the house on the same floor as you will have to close the alert.

2. Choose the sound and volume level that is right for you.

3. If desired, you can use the silent mode, that is, mute the volume and use only the lights as an alert.

4. If you are sitting in a chair, use the bed shaker under a cushion.

During an alert

During an alert, intervene immediately and calmly with your child by reminding him what he should have done to avoid wetting his pants.

If necessary contact an Enureflex advisor for proper advice on using your device.

How does the device works.
Your Urine-Alert device offers you several adjustment options to suit your needs and preferences.

  • Choice of sounds and various music.
  • Adjustable volume and silent mode.
  • Vibration to place under the mattress or pillow.
  • Accompanying lights and security.
  • Wireless detection, fast and comfortable.

Step 1: The flannel detection strip is placed in the child’s diaper like of a sanitary napkin and attached to the small wireless transmitter, which easily attaches to the diaper’s belt.

Step 2: When the child begins to urinate and the transmitter detects it. It will transmits the alert to the main unit, who will advise you according to the settings (music, vibration and lights) you have chosen.



1. Adjustable volume
2. Choice  of 11 sounds and music / Listen all sounds here
3. Stop button (center)
4. Adjusting Settings
5.  Test / Simulation

Three (3) lights (leds) at the top of the unit will illuminate for sufficient ambient light, but not dazzling.



The bed shaker is plugged behind the main unit and can be used during the night to wake up parents.

Place it directly under the mattress or under the pillow according to your preference.


Flannel detection strips

The wireless detection of your Urine-Alert device is extremely fast and above all, very comfortable.

The strips are made in soft flannel, washable and durable.

Just insert it into the panties for quick detection from the start of urination.

Wireless Transmitter

The small wireless transmitter is also very comfortable due to its rounded shapes.
It easily to install on the belt’s of the diaper.

Easy and fast maintenance

Detection strips are washable, same for the dryer.

However, if you do not have washing clothes to do, you can easily wash them at the sink, wring them out by hand and let them air dry during the day.

Cost-Effective and Eco-friendly

By using your Urine-Alert device, you will benefit from better management of diaper changes.

 You will save on the purchase of creams and other products, sold for the treatment of diaper rash.

Since you will make the diapers changes at the right time, you will reduce the number of diapers needed.

This will prevent hundreds of diapers from going to trash. It’s a good gesture for the environment.

Urine-Alert will save you time and money.

Support and Monitoring

When you buy or rent a Urine-Alert device, you benefit from:e:

  •  A full month of follow-up with an Enureflex advisor.

  • Support advice at will.

This follow-up is done in order to allow you an optimal use of your device according to your purpose.