The most efficient way
to finally get rid of Bedwetting – “Enuresis.”

Understand Bedwetting - Enuresis

Understand Enuresis

You want to better understand Enuresis and be able to target the kind of bedwetting your child is suffering from in order to choose the best solution.

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Look for Bedwetting Solution

Bedwetting Solutions

You understand your child’s bedwetting problem and you are looking for an efficient solution that would be beneficial for the whole family.

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Discover Night Guard System

Bedwetting Alarm Canada

The “Night Guard” alarm treatment is the most efficient way to finally get rid of bedwetting. Let’s you and your child have a look at the different step.

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Definition of bedwetting on Wikipedia ( Note: “Nocturnal Enuresis” medical term for “Bedwetting” )


Word From Your Enureflex Consultant

I have been working with people who have nocturnal enuresis or “bedwetting problem” for many years now. I have tried many techniques and many different alarm systems, and I can assert that there is no better and more efficient system than the new NIGHT GUARD system.

The Night Guard system is fantastic! It can adapt to all kinds of situations and to all kinds of children, regardless of their age. The child will be able to find a reassuring sound, no matter if he or she is a light or heavy sleeper, or if he or she is afraid of noise or not.

Try it out, and become one of the many people who were able to get rid of bedwetting.

Sylvain - Enureflex Clinic Advisor