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Detectors (pack of 2)


Washable cotton flannel Detection strips.

9$ each / Pack of 2

  • Cotton  / Flannel confortable
  • Machine or hand washable.
  • Mecanic or flat dry.
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Washable cotton flannel Detection Pads.

9$ each / Pack of 2 Only when ordered with an Urine-Alert Device (Rental or Purchase)

  • Cotton  / Flannel comfortable
  • Machine or hand washable.
  • Mecanic or flat dry.


The flannel detection pads

The wireless detection system is fast and super comfortable. Bands are in washable and durable flannel.

It easily installs on the underwear or protective panties and can even, Goodnites or other training pants.

Fast and easy maintenance
If you do not have to do laundry, you can simply wash them in the sink, wring them out let them dry during the day.

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